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Hello and welcome to the english part of Foxglove’s webiste. I hope that you will enjoy your visit and return to see our news =)

We normally have one to two litters a year and as it is impossible for us to keep all the kittens ourselves (no matter how much we would like to) this means that we  occasionally have kittens in ruddy, blue, sorrel and  fawn, both longhaired and shorthaired, for sale.  No kitten is allowed to move before it is at least 12 weeks old and when it is time to move a certified pedigree from SVERAK, FiFé, accompanies them. Their luggage also includes a health-certificate that is less than 7 days old, two shots and a small bag of bits and bobs to cheer them up. If need be futher shots can be given but at an additional cost.


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