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April 8th 2022

Yet again it has taken me far too long to update the website but as Rikki is expecting her second litter I finally got around to completing the update. Dutch and Frankie have left us and are (hopefully) waiting for us at the rainbowbridge

June 3rd 2020

It sometimes takes me far to long to update the website but better late than nevere so here goes; Lucis kittens have all moved to their own forever homes, Luci has been neutered & is now officially owned by her nanny (thanks for the time and effort, Wenche) and we’re impatiently waiting for Rikki & Riesen to mature enough to produce a litter of kittens, hope to welcome them by the end of summer.

Dec 8th 2019

The litter is 10 weeks old today so new photos; Nobless is still looking for her forever home.

Nov 18th 2019

The litter’s page has been updated; only Nobless is available.

Oct 14th 2019

Luci had a litter of kittens on Sept 29th; to know more please visit their own page.

Sep 9th 2019

I’ve finally had time to update the website; a lot has happened, both good and bad.

Nov 18th 2018

Luci is the proud Mum (and Aragon the unknowing Dad) of 2 kittens. Please follow their development on their own page

Oct 20th 2018

There weren’t any survivors in Bastis litter but life goes on; fingers crossed for a lively litter of blues and ruddy with Luci and Aragon soon.

Sept 24th 2018

At the end of September we’re hoping for a new litter of kittens with Basti and Aragon, a month later another one between Luci & Aragon.

May 30th 2018

Lilos kittens have moved to their new homes and have charmed their new families.Basti had a singleton on April 7th whom she’s very protective of.

March 18th 2018

Litter 14 has grown and so the page has been updated (slightly)

Feb 18th 2018

Lilo had her kittens om Jan 29th; two ruddy and one blue. Basti and Aragon are hopefully expecting the next S*Foxglove’s litter, due beginning of April

Jan 1st 2018

Lilo is expecting her second (and final) litter, the unsuspecting father to be is Aragon

Dec 21st  2016

As I’m writing this I hope that the next S*Foxglove’s litter is being made; Basti has a boyfriend, (N)Kiachero Mohatu, staying. Fingers crossed that he masters the required technique :D

Feb 29th 20160

Bastis kittens have moved out and Lilo gave birth to 2 ruddy girls on 20th Jan

Nov 19th 2015

Basti gave birth on Nov 1st and is now enjoying her three kittens; check out the litters page here

Sept 6th 2015

Basti had us fooled but now Jaques has had another chance to practise so fingers crossed ;)

July 31st 2015

We’re hopefull that Basti is expecting a litter of kittens in mid September; the proud (but unknowing) father-to-be is Jaques :D

Jan 30th 2015

A new ruddy boy has moved in with us; Jaques

June 7th 2014

Stitch will be moving to the same home as Lilo as the family couldn’t resist him  :D

May 18th 2014

Stitch is looking for a new home but isn’t in a hurry as he’s barely 9 weeks old

April 14th 2014

Lilo (the girl) and Stitch (the boy) had their first visit yesterday =) Lilo will (hopefully) have a litter of kittens in the S*Foxglove’s prefix but in the meantime she will move to a nanny. Stitch is still looking for a new home.

March 23rd 2014

Asta gave birth to her second (S*Foxglove’s eleventh) litter last weekend; two blue kittens, a boy and a girl :)

Jan 16th 2014

Asta has met Aemon and we’re hopeful that a litter of blue (and possibly fawn) somali kittens will be born  during the second half of March, read more about that on our kitten page

June 30th 2013

Bastis page is in place and Dutch is our third supreme (but our first supreme premier)

Feb 4th 2013

Osiris has found a new home while Basti is enjoying fooling around with both her mother and her two “uncles”
Castor has been neutered but managed to father a litter of kittens with S*Duvedals

Dec 2nd 2012

A minor update about the kittens but their photoalbums do get updated withou t information being added here.

Oct 14th 2012

Phoebe gave birth to two adorable variants on Sept 28th, a sorrel girl and a ruddy boy. 

June 23rd 2012

I’m in the process of redoing the entire website as I found that I couldn’t transfer the “old” version to the new version of the same program...

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