S*Foxglove's somali & var

Lilo and Aragon became parents on January 29th; one blue girl and two ruddy boys. Follow the litter here

Hopefully Basti will treat us to a litter of ruddy and blues by mid April. Expecting father is Aragon.


JF 178

Date of birth





20th Jan 2016

1 n

1 n

Jokari de Balyani, SOM n

S*Foxglove’s Lilo, SOM a

1st Nov 2015

1 o

1 n, 1 o

Jokari de Balyani, SOM n

IC S*Foxglove’s Baster, ABY o var

16th -17th March 2014

1 a

1 a

S*Kardemumma’s Aemon, SOM a

S*Foxglove’s Andromeda, SOM a

28th Sept 2012

1 n

1 o

Djousou dia King and Crusader,    ABY o

SC S*Foxglove’s Peaseblosson, SOM a

8th Nov 2011

3 a


IC S*Neat & Natty Bugatti.           SOM p

S*Foxglove’s Andromeda,             SOM a

22nd-23rd August 2011

2 n

1 n

SC FIN*Kharn-Ka Kilkenny Keegan, SOM n

SC S*Foxglove’s Peaseblosson, SOM a

15th June 2010

2 a

1 n , 1 a

CH S*Foxglove’s DCI Barnaby, SOM n

GIC S*Foxglove’s Peaseblossom, SOM a

31st August 2009

1 n, 1 a

1 n, 1 a, 1 p

IC FIN*Kharn-Ka Kilkenny Keegan, SOM n

IC S*Andantes Treasure,           ABY a var

14th Feb 2009

3 n


IC FIN_Kharn-Ka Kilkenny Keegan, SOM n

S*Foxglove’s Jessica Fletcher,       SOM n

21st June 2008

1 a ,1 o, 1 p

1 n ,  1 a

DK*Badina’s Valentino,                SOM n

S*Andante’s Treasure,                    ABY a var

3rd Dec 2007

2 n

2 n

GIC S*Catnip’s Juicy Jumjum,    SOM n

IC S*MayaAbigails Duchess Ailsa, SOM o

2nd August 2006

1 a

1 n , 1 a, 1 o

S*MayaAbigails Violino Izzo,         SOM o

S*Andante’s Treasure,                    ABY a var

12th Dec 2005

1 n

3 n

CH S*Mojave’s Gamgi,                     SOM n

CH S*MayaAbigails Duchess Ailsa, SOM o

On the respective litters pages you will find a table where the name, sex, (if the litter isn’t all somali then breed also,) colour and status of all the kitterns are included but what do I mean with status? The following but I would like to add that I won’t accept a deposit for any kitten before at least 4 weeks of age but feel free to contact me before that if there is one that catches your eye; I’m willing to reserve them from birth ;-)  Also; visitors are welcome by prior agreement and without obligation to buy at any time after the litter in question is at least 4 weeks old.

available ; I’m looking for a new, good home

pending ; interest has been shown but having difficulties to decide

option ; my development is being closely followed and may become available later on (an option that is only available for breeders)

on hold ; stays for the time being

spoken for ; a preliminary contract has been signed and a non-refundable deposit has been paid

sold ; I’ve moved to my new home

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