S*Foxglove's somali & var


SP + IC S*MayaAbigails Duchess Ailsa


The summer of 2021 turned out to be Dutch last; she’s now reunited with Trish and hope to see them both at the rainbowbridge <3

Dutch is our very first somali and one of our founding queens. Before being neutered she gave us two lovely litters with a total of 8 ruddy kittens; 5 female and 3 male.  She never enjoyed showing before her neutering but after she seems to love it. Her preferred way of transport at shows is on my shoulders where she can see everything, only leaving my shoulders if she finds another  pair that is higher and belongs to somebody she fancies ;-)

She achieved her last and highest title at Sydkattens show on April  20th 2013 when she was 9 years old. From now on I’ve promised her  that she will only be entered to one show and class a weekend.

Her pedigree can be found here


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