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Chelsea is our first female cat and is a mixture between Norwegian Forestcat and Maincoon and was born in August 1996. This is why I jokingly call her a transatlantic forest cat.

 She is the one who has the most difficulty in accepting new kittens whenever  we bring any new to stay with us. Not until she’s met them outside on a lead will she come to some sort of truce, although it is fragile.

It took her almost eleven weeks to accept Dutchs first litter but once accepted she adopted them wholeheartedly. When they finally moved to their new homes Chelly decided that she would play with Dutch and Trish instead so now we sometimes have three cats chasing each other through the house.

When Killy moved in Chelly decided that was it; she didn’t like him at all so we were very happy to eventually let her move in with Mats’s father where she spent the final three years of her life as a single cat who ruled her humans with a velvet paw. She passed away in May 2012 at the age of 16.

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