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PR + SC FIN*Kharn-Ka Kilkenny Keegan


Killy, or as it says on his pedigree FIN*Kharn-Ka Kilkenny Keegan, is one cool dude who likes to go for walks. The only thing that annoys him is the fact that I refuse to take him for walks as frequently and far as he would like me to =) There is a good reason for this; his longest walk so far lasted 2½ hours and he wasn’t just standing around smelling the bushes ;-) although he finds that rather interesting too... In the spring of 2010 we finished catproofing most of our garden and he’s now satisfied with patrolling that in the company of the other members of his pride.

He can’t quite understand why he’s taken to shows but accepts them as part of his life. The only time he protests is when it is showtime and what he does then is as natural to him as breathing; he pees! If not in the judges cage before (or after) the judging then on me just as the judge is writing his or her impressions of him. I’ve become so used to this “habit” of his that I’m now quite apt at aiming his tail in another direction but this way of protesting is NOT popular with the judges!!! Despite this he reached the highest title (Supreme Champion) on April 10th 2010.  In December of 2011 he was neutered after becoming the father of 15 kittens and became  a very cuddly and playful boy who loves going to shows as that means that he gets to spend the day with me :-)

No matter what; a great big THANK YOU to Jaana, his breeder, who let me have this wonderful guy :-)


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