S*Foxglove's somali & var


S*Foxglove’s Andromeda


Asta was born in Phoebe’s first litter  on June 15th 20010. With this litter we were given the chance of seeing our two fonding queens in the pedigree as we were able to mate two S*Foxglove’s kittens for the first (but hopefully not last)time. As we didn’t  really having the space to keep a kitten we decided to look for a hostfamily for Andromeda as we just couldn’t let her go.  Asta moved to a lovely hostfamily in Höganäs together with her litter mate Harry (Hercules) and enjoy the whole family which consists of two children and two dogs.

 She had her first litter of kittens in Nov 2011; two blue boys was the result. Both of them eventually moved to the same home even though I’m still the owner of Castor as I hope he’ll eventually find a couple of girlfriends =)

Her pedigree can be found here


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