S*Foxglove's somali & var


GIC S*Foxglove’s Bastet


Basti was a long time in coming but finally we did mate one of our somalis (Phoebe) with an aby (King), a litter that is no 10 to receive the S*Foxglove’s prefix. This was done partly to be able to bring fresh blood to the somalis but also because we wanted a second variant in the house.

There is a little more aby in Basti than the usual vairant; as Trish is her grandmother her greatgarndmother Fanny is still in her 4 generation-pedigree, thus making it one more aby than usual. She has a total disregard for the safety of her own body, bouncing, speeding and throwing herself all over the place, wants to be included in everything and complements her diet with any insect or spider she finds in both the garden and the house.  At times she’s impossible to take a sharp pict of, she moves too fast for the camera’s autofocus...

When at a show there are only two Basti-approved modes of transport; either in showpose or on my shoulders, at times scratching them rather badly :P She become Grand International champion but the sky is  the limit with this girl so we’ll keep on visiting shows in the region as she slowly achieves higher titles.


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